Matthew Freeman

Matthew Freeman is a senior account executive and writer with PR Solutions, a public relations firm that serves national advocacy groups, associations, foundations and think tanks working on a range of social justice issues.

Freeman works with a number of organizations, writing opinion pieces and media materials, web articles and blog posts, developing media strategies, planning and promoting press conferences and briefings, pitching stories, and advising clients on message and delivery. He works with the Afterschool Alliance to help build support for afterschool programs that keep children safe, inspire them to learn, and help working families. He works with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Human Capital portfolio to help give a public voice to its efforts to shape a health care workforce prepared to meet the needs of a demographically and culturally changing America.

He has worked with colleges and universities through the Ford Foundation’s Campus Diversity Initiative and the Association of American Colleges & Universities to publicize various diversity-related projects and events. In addition, he has worked with the Call to Renewal, a network of churches and faith-based organizations, to promote a re-examination of poverty and welfare programs in light of the changing face of poverty in America.

Before joining PR Solutions, Freeman was Senior Vice President for Research and Program for People For the American Way, serving as a national media spokesman, overseeing research on a variety of policy issues and on the Religious Right political movement, and serving as a member of the organization’s senior management team. While at People For the American Way, he authored dozens of opinion articles that appeared in major daily newspapers across the country, and wrote a variety of the organization’s publications. Immediately prior, he worked on the national staff of the League of Women Voters. While there, he directed a nationwide series of 75 Senate and House campaign debates, did advance work for the 1984 presidential debates, and served on the organization’s public relations staff as a communications specialist.

Freeman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Government from the University of Virginia in 1982, and received a fellowship from the University’s White Burkett Miller Center for Public Affairs.